From Gold and Dollars to Bitcoin and Central Bank Digital Currencies

Layered Money is superb. Talk about a course in monetary history that's laid out in such a concise and prioritized style. A must read!

-Preston Pysh, The Investor's Podcast Network

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货币金字塔 (Simplified Chinese)

레이어드 머니 돈이 진화한다 (Korean)

Gelaagd Geld (Dutch)

Kerrostunut Raha (Finnish)

Layered Money: Von Gold und US-Dollar zu Bitcoin und digitalen Zentralbankwährungen (German)

Imali Ngokwezigaba (Zulu) [FREE eBook]

In this fascinating deep dive into the evolution of monetary systems around the globe, Nik Bhatia takes us into the origins of how money has evolved to function in a “layered” manner. Using gold as an example of this term, he traces the layers of this ancient currency from raw mined material, to gold coins, and finally to bank-issued gold certificates. In a groundbreaking manner, Bhatia offers a similar paradigm for the evolution of digital currencies. Bhatia’s analysis begins in Renaissance Florence with the gold Florin coin and a burgeoning banking culture, continues with the evolution of central banking, and concludes with a vision for the future of our international monetary system. As central banks around the world prepare to launch their own crypto-competitors, Bhatia illustrates how the invention of Bitcoin created a seismic shift in money and merged the monetary and cryptography sciences. His unique analysis of “layered money” illuminates money markets for the general reader and shows how Bitcoin is becoming a trusted global currency. Readers will come away with an understanding of the mechanics of our financial system, why the dollar is deeply entrenched despite its state of disrepair, and how Central Bank Digital Currencies (CBDCs) and cryptocurrencies will interact in our new monetary future.



Now introducing The Bitcoin Layer, a research publication to guide readers through the transformative changes happening within our monetary and financial systems because of bitcoin. Consider it picking up where the book left off—how is bitcoin changing the monetary system in front of our eyes, where is it on that path, and is it heading to a price beyond $1 million?

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Nik Bhatia is a financial researcher and Adjunct Professor of Finance and Business Economics at the University of Southern California Marshall School of Business, where he teaches Applied Finance in Fixed Income Securities. He is author of the #1 bestseller Layered Money: From Gold and Dollars to Bitcoin and Central Bank Digital Currencies. He currently writes The Bitcoin Layer, a research publication on Substack. Previously, Nik worked on the US Treasuries trading desk for a large institutional asset manager and has extensive trading experience in money markets and interest rate futures. He has a BA in Social Sciences from University of Southern California, a Master in Finance from IE Business School in Madrid, Spain, and is both a CFA and CMT charterholder. Nik lives in Los Angeles with his wife and daughter.



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